I wanted to take the time this month to introduce a book I recently self-published on Amazon. From the Place Where War Wages Within, I Cry Out is a compilation of poems and songs I’ve written over the years. Towards the end of 2013, I began to do some serious decluttering in order to prepare for my big move the following year. I came across a big folder (held together with a thick rubber band) of poems and songs I had written that had been kept in a large black tote bag with a bunch of other papers and pushed to the back of the closet. Well, I decided I was going to do something with those stack of poems and songs. I began to type them all into a Word document, which ended up being a very lengthy process. But the real tedious work began after that- editing along with some rewriting. So, was it worth the work? I definitely believe it was.

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Changing Course

I felt the poems and songs should be shared. I wanted to be able to leave my family with something I created that they could hold on to and have with them always. I also realized there were probably many others who could relate to what I was experiencing emotionally in my own life. In some instances, my writings were a way for me to vent- but most importantly, they were a way for me to heal. The healing came as I recognized I didn’t want to continue going round and round the mulberry bush, making the same mistakes and finding myself in similar situations time and time again; it was time to change my course.

A Lifelong Learner

There’s so much I’ve learned as I’ve had to navigate all the different, unexpected twists and turns along the road of life- and there are things I’m still learning…as I strive to be a lifelong learner. I hope my writings will inspire, uplift and empower you as you also navigate the challenges and disappointments along your road of life.

Some of the writings in the book include-

A New Hope in a Dark Hour

Falling for You

I Woke Up

Life Made New

I’m Done

This Heart

Loving You Was Like It Never Happened


No Matter

I’ll Keep On

Love Me Out Loud

Journey On

A queen in all her splendor and glory-

Beautifully and wonderfully designed by

The Master Designer Himself.

Silence the voices that betray you-

Seek peace for the anxious heart.

There’s so much more to you than you realize-

So much more to life than what you’ve lived.

Journey on until you arrive at the place you are

Destined to be, doing what you are destined to do.

Journey On, Journey On

The struggle will come to an end- and you will find

That your toil and labor have not been in vain.

You are a stronger, more resilient woman as a result

Of enduring and persevering through much.

You are a Queen who will arrive.

Journey On, Journey On

                                        ~Shirell Dalton


I Imagine

I close my eyes and then I imagine being in my place of change

A place where I now feel a sense of belonging

A place that at last makes sense to me

A place engrafted into my heart

I imagine having in my life the very things that have

become special prayers

A deep passion arises on the inside

I feel comforted…I feel alive…I feel free

I am no longer just existing– but living

I imagine that happiness has become real for me

A warm memory surfaces– a familiar memory

A picture of beauty appears in my mind

And there I stand in its center absorbing the winds that

calm me within

Healing winds that gently rush forth delivering exhilaration and courage

by instruction of the Creator

I open my eyes and once again I am strengthened

                                                                                            ~Shirell Dalton


This year, I look forward to bringing you other books, including the gourmet confections cookbook. It will be a very fun, exciting and busy year indeed.

For more information on From the Place Where War Wages Within, I Cry Out– please see the links below. (paperback) (Kindle version)


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